Travellers in the Near East

The selection of papers from ASTENE’s Edinburgh Conference edited by Charles Foster and published by Stacey International is available again from all good booksellers ( £18.99) and at ASTENE events. ISBN 1900988 712.

It includes the following articles:

  • A Tale of Two Ciceros: Travels in Asia Minor in the late Roman Republic by Marcha B. McCoy
  • Mercantile Gentlemen and Inquisitive Travellers: Constructing the Natural History of Aleppo by Janet Starkey
  • Jean-Baptiste Adanson (1732-1804): A French Dragoman in Egypt and the Near East by Jen Kimpton
  • The Journey of the Comte Forbin in the Near East and Egypt, 1817-18 by Pascale Linant de Bellefonds
  • Travellers, Tribesmen and Troubles: Journeys to Petra, 1812-1914 by Norman Lewis
  • Surveying the Morea: The French Expedition, 1828-1832 by Malcolm Wagstaff
  • Le Mission Scientifique de Moree: Captain Peytier’s Contribution by Elizabeth French
  • Christian Rassam : Translator, Interpreter, Diplomat and Liar by Geoffrey Roper
  • Mr and Mrs Smith in Greece, Egypt and the Levant by Brenda Moon
  • Robert Murdoch Smith and the Mausoleum: Excavations at Halicarnassus (Bodrum) 1856-59 by Jennifer Scarce
  • Listening to the Sound of Running History: Sir George Adam Smith, 1856-1942 by Rev Iain Campbell
  • Politics and Travel of Gertrude Bell by Richard Long