2013 Conference

The Tenth Biennial ASTENE Conference
Aston University Birmingham Friday 12 July – Monday 15 July, 2013


Please note that those attending the conference should register by 22 March 2013 as we cannot guarantee accommodation at Aston after this date. Registration forms are on our website, astene.org.uk


Registration: from 10.00 am – 6.00 pm at the ASTENE desk, beyond the Reception area in the Business School and Conference Centre building.
Room check-in from 1.00 pm. Lunch not included but available in the Conference Centre.

‘Egypt’ Session 1. Chair: Sheila McGuirk

2.15 Neil Cooke: Chairman’s introduction

2.30 Sarah L Ketchley

Emma B. Andrews and the Golden Age of Egyptian Archaeology: a Diarist’s Account of Exploration and Discovery in the Valley of the Kings 18891913

3.00 Daniel Polz

Artists and Painters in the German House in Thebes, 1905-15

3.30 Charlotte Booth

Abu Simbel through the Eyes of the Traveller


4.00 tea


‘… and the Near East’ Session 2. Chair: Amanda Heggestad 

4.30 Philip Mansel

Thomas Hope: an Aesthete in the Ottoman Empire 1796-98

5.00 Guy Jones

On the Trail of Bishop Pococke: From Kilkenny to Lebanon

5.30 Selim Adali

Ancient Travellers and Mesopotamian Literature: two Case Studies

6.00 Patricia Berg

The travels of G.A. Wallin and his views on Western influence in the Middle East

6.30 Bar opens

7.30 dinner and after-dinner speaker

Matthew Boulton and the Lunar Society of Birmingham

A curator from the Soho House Museum will introduce Matthew Boulton, the English manufacturer and partner of James Watt. In the final quarter of the 18th century their steam engines revolutionized the mechanization of factories and mills. Boulton was a key member of The Lunar Society, an informal learned society of prominent figures in the Midlands Enlightenment who met regularly between 1765 and 1813 in Birmingham, exchanging ideas with the leading men of Science throughout Europe and America.



Breakfast from 7.30

Registration: from 8.30 am at the ASTENE desk, beyond the Reception area in the Business School and Conference Centre building.


‘Towards Egypt’ Session 3.1. Chair: Daniel Polz

9.00 Hélène Virenque

A Swiss Egyptologist on her Majesty’s service: Edouard Naville (1844-1926) in the Delta

9.30 Luca Pizzocheri

 I will describe the Orient as it is, as it appeared to me: Narratives of the first Italian mission to the Levant, 1861-2

10.00 Amanda Heggestad

Notes to Self:  A comparison of public and private notes on Nile travel

10.30 Hana Navratilova

Studying graffiti (particularly in the temples of Senwosret III at Dahshur, Egypt)


‘The Near East and Beyond’ Session 3.2. Chair: Sonia Anderson

9.00 John Thompson

The Admiral’s Daughter

9.30 Marie-Cécile Bruwier

Jean-Jacques Rifaud’s lithographs in Belgium

10.00 Charles Newton

On the Eve of the Auspicious Event: Stratford Canning, his artist, and Turkey just before the Tanzimat

10.30 Brian Taylor

The Land that Midas Touched


11.00 tea


‘Towards Egypt’ Session 4.1. Chair: Neil Cooke

11.30 Margaret Maitland

Hieroglyphs from the North: Newcastle’s early travellers in Egypt and their correspondence with the decipherer of the Rosetta Stone

12.00 Tara Draper-Stumm

Travellers from an Antique Land: the Sekhmets in the British Museum

12.30 Holly Graves

Touring the Past and Present: a Comparison of Egyptian Tour Guide Books


‘The Near East and Beyond’ Session 4.2. Chair: Charles Newton

11.30 Sonia Anderson

Sir John Young, High Commissioner for the Ionian Islands, and his private letter book 1856-7

12.00 Carsten Walbiner

Ulrich Jasper Seetzen in Aleppo (1802-5)

12.30 Paul Starkey

Druzes, Maronites, and the enigmatic Colonel Churchill


1.00 lunch


‘Towards Egypt’ Session 5.1. Chair: Ian Pearce

2.30 John Taylor

The exploitation of the site of Abydos by European collectors 1815-40

3.00  Sheila McGuirk

The Salutary tale of Mr Lucas, independent explorer

3.30 Kathleen Sheppard

‘On whose toil most of my work has depended’: Hilda Petrie’s Egypt


‘The Near East and Beyond’ Session 5.2. Chair: Paul Starkey

2.30 Lucy Pollard

Unreliable information: dragomans and guides in Ottoman Turkey

3.00 Tim Clayden

A very ancient landmark on the way to Baghdad

3.30 David Kennedy

More journeys and travellers to Petra, 1812-1914


4.00 tea


‘Towards Egypt’ Session 6.1. Chair: Janet Starkey

4.30  Maria Lopez-Grande

Bonaventura Ubach: travels in Sinai (1910, 1928 and 1932)

5.00 Ian Pearce

Some individuals in Egypt during the 1870s

5.30 Heike Schmidt

Wintering in the pearl of Middle Egypt – Helouan les Bains

6.00 Carlo Rindi,

Giuseppe and Amalia Nizzoli :new Evidence from a previously unknown document


‘The Near East and Beyond’ Session 6.2. Chair: Malcolm Wagstaff

4.30 Susan Cohen

Travellers in time and space: early archaeologists’ contributions to the chronology and cartography of the ancient Near East

5.00 Wojciech Machowski

From Beirut to Petra – the journey of W. Szczepanski in 1905

5.30 Elisabeth Monamy

Eduard Glaser: an Austrian Orientalist

6.00 Mladen Tomorad

Travels to Egypt and Orient by Croatian scholar Grga Novak during 1930’s


6.30 bar opens

7.30 dinner and after-dinner speaker  

Beauty and the Boodle in Birmingham: two paintings by John Frederick Lewis

Art-historian Briony Llewellyn, an independent scholar who has published extensively on British artists’ depictions of the Near and Middle East, has made a special study of J.F. Lewis. She will focus on two of his paintings from the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.



Breakfast from 7.30

Registration: from 8.30 am at the ASTENE desk, beyond the Reception area in the Business School and Conference Centre building

‘Towards Egypt’ Session 7.1. Chair: Hana Navratilova

9.00 Jennifer Cromwell

Delivering Monastic Wine, by Boat and by Camel

9.30 Daniela Picchi

Amalia Sola Nizzoli, archaeologist ante litteram in Egypt and the origins of the third Nizzoli Collection

10.00 Betty Hagglund

Intertextuality in Catherine Hutton’s The Tour of Africa (1821)

10.30 Briony Llewellyn

The ‘Pirrybids’ and the ‘Fairy Island’: Edward Lear in Egypt


‘The Near East and Beyond’ Session 7.2. Chair: Robert Morkot

9.00 Maksim Lebedev

From Kremlin’s walls to the foot of the Pyramids: Muscovite travelers in Egypt

9.30 Ron Zitterkopf

Every Explorer Needs a Compass

10.00 Alyson Wharton

Nineteenth-Century Romantics, Romanticism and the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire.

10.30 Cynthia Sheikholeslami

J. Morton Howell, US Minister to Egypt 1922-27 and Egyptian Antiquities


11.00 tea


‘Towards Egypt’ Session 8.1. Chair: Myra Green

11.30 Andrew Oliver

The American Reception of the Description de l’Égypte

12.00 Heidi Koepp-Junk

Travel in Ancient Egypt

12.30 Johanna Holaubek

Princess Lichnowsky and Princess Bibesco, two aristocrats and writers – their impressions of Egypt


‘The Near East and Beyond’ Session 8.2. Chair: Jacke Philips

11.30 Caroline Williams

The Orientalist Collection of Shafik Gabr

12.00 Nicholas Stanley-Price

“The Sand Kings of Oman”: a reputation retrieved

12.30 Don Boyer

The relative contributions of William John Bankes and Charles Barry to the early plans of Gerasa/Jarash (Jordan): evidence from the Bankes and Barry archives


1.00 lunch


2.30  ASTENE Annual General Meeting

Chair: ASTENE President Jaromir Malek


3.00  Plenary Session: Travel Narrative: Fact or Fiction?

A panel chaired by Patricia Usick will raise issues from their research for general discussion


4.00 tea


‘Towards Egypt’ Session 9.1. Chair: Briony Llewellyn

4.30 Margaret Maitland and Ross Irving

The Innovative Antiquarian: Alexander Henry Rhind’s excavations in Egypt and his collection in the National Museum of Scotland

5.00 Michele Marcolin

“Never was the like done”: an early traveller from Egypt to the Levant

5.30 Russell McGuirk

Wilfred Jennings Bramly: a Fresh Look at the Grand Old Man of Mariout

6.00 James Hooper

The Voyage to Egypt in The Pythagorean Way of Life  – Asceticism, the Miraculous, and the Transformation of Neoplatonism


‘The Near East and Beyond’ Session 9.2. Chair: Lucy Pollard

4.30  Anne Lockwood

Gentle Britannia: Victorian Women Travel Writers in Egypt and the Near East

5.00 Peta Ree

Did the Elephants ever Forget?

5.30 Joe Tabone

Edward Lear in Gozo: March 1866

6.00 Richard McClary

Immobile evidence of mobility: the movement of Iranian and Syrian architects into Anatolia in the early 13th century and their effect on the local architectural aesthetic


6.30 bar opens

7.00 dinner and the launch of the latest ASTENE book Souvenirs and New Ideas: Travel and Collecting in Egypt and the Near East



Breakfast from 7.30

Note: Please have all bags out of rooms before this session.

‘Egypt and the Near East’ Session 10.1. Chair: Don Boyer

9.00  Neil Cooke

Travelling Companions

9.30 John Chapman

The 3rd Earl’ of Carnarvon’s Mani. 1839

10.00  Emmet Jackson

It’s a long way from Tipperary: The travels of an Irish Friar, Symon Symeonis, to the Holy Land in the 14th Century

10.30 Paulina Banas

The Oriental Album: Multiple agency, dynamic structure and the marketing of Egypt


11.00 tea


‘Egypt and the Near East’ Session 10.2.  Chair: John Thompson

11.30 Marlene Davis

Behind the Scenes: Women in “The Dark Moment”

12.00 Janet Starkey

Exploring Kufra and beyond: Ahmad Mohammed Hassanein, friend of the Rennell Rodds and of Rosita Forbes

12.30 Amr Omar

Pascal Coste and his Years among the Persians


1.00 lunch



We will travel by private coach to the renowned Eton Myers collection, currently at The University of Birmingham, one of the most stunning assemblages of ancient Egyptian decorative art worldwide and a window into nineteenth-century travelling and collecting. The postgraduate curator, Carl Graves, will talk about the traveller and collector Major William Joseph Myers (1858-1899) and we will have a special view of the collections.

Your luggage may be left on our coach and following the visit you will be dropped off at either New Street station or Aston University around 5.00-5.30 pm. The cost of this visit will be £15 per person.

Places are limited, pre-booking essential. Please contact Jane Cooper, Redcliffe Catering, The Centennial Centre, 100 Icknield Port Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B16 0A. Tel: 0121 452 4821 or 0121 456 4545, or email: JCooper@redcliffe.com.