1995 First ASTENE Conference The Oriental Museum, Durham Summer 1995

The Oriental Museum, Durham Summer 1995

The First Conference in Durham was in fact one of the events, which initiated the idea of ASTENE. The meeting in Durham in July 1995 brought together people interested in individual travellers, early travel to Egypt, Egyptomania and the remarkable figure of E.W. Lane. In the early days it was mainly travellers in Egypt who were the focus of attention.

Exchange of ideas and research resources fostered further communications. Sharing resources led to an early version of our Bulletin (Notes and Queries, see under Publications – Bulletins). ASTENE was not yet born, but certainly conceived.

1995 First ASTENE Conference

1997 Second Biennial ASTENE Conference

St Catherine’s College, Oxford Summer 1997

In July, 1997 the decision to formalise ASTENE was taken at the Second Biennial Conference on Travellers in Egypt and the Near East, held at St Catherine’ s College, Oxford. The programme introduced the ‘Descendants’ Evening’, to which descendants of the travellers are invited to meet people who are doing research on their forebears. On that occasion the descendants included those of Charles Irby, Joseph Bonomi, Linant de Bellefonds, Nathaniel Pearce and Mohammed Ali.

1997 Second Biennial ASTENE Conference

1999 Third Biennial ASTENE Conference

Newnham College, Cambridge 15 to 18 July 1999

The Third conference in Cambridge (Newnham College) followed two successful meetings in Durham (1995) and Oxford (1997). The Cambridge conference was the first held under the aegis of the newly established ASTENE and concentrated on the interaction of travellers – with the visited countries, people and amongst other travellers themselves.

Details of the Conference programme are published in Bulletin No 8.

Bulletin No.8

2001 Fourth Biennial ASTENE Conference

Pollock halls, University of Edinburgh 11 to 15 July 2001

The Fourth Biennial conference was held in Edinburgh. The system of ASTENE biennial conferences was thus firmly established. ASTENE had become increasingly international, participants coming from 18 countries with several countries (and continents) been represented for the first time. The conference programme included early travellers as well as colonial visitors. Scottish travellers and collectors were among the conference highlights.

Please view full details of the Conference and the list of papers presented.

Conference 2001 Fourth Biennial ASTENE

2003 Fifth Biennial ASTENE Conference

Worcester College, Oxford 11 to 14 July 2003

The Fifth biennial conference took place in Oxford, this time in Worcester College. The conference covered a vast range of travel-related topics both geographically and culturally. A number of interesting papers were dedicated to women travellers and residents in the Orient.

Please view full details of the Conference and the list of papers presented.

Conference 2003 Fifth Biennial ASTENE

2005 Sixth Biennial ASTENE Conference

Manchester 14 to 8 July 2005

The Sixth biennial conference was held in Manchester. The majority of papers for this conference focussed on the unexpected and untoward aspects of travel, including disease, dangers and annoyances. The lighter side of travel was also highlighted – satire and humour among travellers. Again, several strong papers on women travellers were included.

Please view full details of the Conference.

Conference 2005 Sixth Biennial ASTENE

2007 Seventh Biennial ASTENE Conference

Southampton 2007

The Seventh biennial conference was organised in Southampton and brought together papers covering the complete ASTENE territory, although still with a relatively strong Egyptian bias. It also demonstrated clearly that ASTENE conferences exceeded collecting biographical and factographical details and strived to capture different travel cultures.

For a full report see Bulletin 32

Bulletin No.32 Summer 2007

2009 Eighth Biennial ASTENE Conference

Durham University 10 to 13 July 2009

In 2009, The ASTENE biennial conference returned to Durham for its eighth incarnation. Among its highlights was the session on “Absorbing Eastern Life” or the many contributions focusing on Greece and areas other than the typical Egyptian and Levantine fare.

Please view the final conference programme giving a full list of Papers and Events, as a downloadable PDF.

Conference 2009 Eighth Biennial ASTENE

2011 Ninth Biennial ASTENE Conference

St. Anne’s College, Oxford 15 to 18 July 2011

ASTENE’s ninth biennial conference. was held at St. Anne’s College, Oxford. The Conference continued to explore the impact of travellers – of Egypt and the Near East, Turkey, the Ottoman Balkans and Greece, from earliest times to the middle of the twentieth century.

Please view a downloadable PDF of the final programme.

Conference 2011 Ninth Biennial ASTENE