Wilkinson, J.G. Drawings

Subject of Research Material:
Name of Traveller: J. G. Wilkinson
Alias: Sir John Gardner Wilkinson
Birth / Death Dates: 1797-1875
Place Of Birth: England
Biographical Information:
Places Of Travel:
Travel Companions:
Archival Material: Departement des estampes et de la photographie, Bibliothèque nationale, rue de Richelieu, Paris.
Discoveries: Wilkinson’s drawings and watercolours in the collection of Seymour de Ricci (WSA Vaux sale, Hodgson, 24 July 1924 n.661 (to Quaritch?), sold July 1931 to de Ricci.
Source Of Information: Caroline Simpson. Bulletin No. 8, page 21.
Additional Information: Caroline Simpson made an index of an early photographic collection and the reserve collection in the same Department.