2019 Conference Programme

Thirteenth Biennial ASTENE Conference

University of York & National Railway Museum, York

12th-15th July 2019

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We are pleased to share our preliminary programme for our upcoming summer conference in York this July (please see attached: 2019 York Programme, or schedule below).

There are still session places available for those wanting to propose a paper, the deadline for which is 15th May 2019.

Please send an abstract of not more than 250 words on or before 15th March 2019 for consideration by the Conference Committee. Please give your name, email address, proposed title, and a short abstract. As a rough guideline, presentations will be for 20 minutes, with an additional five minutes for discussion. Participants will be informed about the acceptance of their paper by 1st June 2019.

Please submit abstracts and any enquiries about the forthcoming conference to Janet Starkey and the team at: 2019yorkastene@gmail.com.

For more information and ideas for paper topics. please click here.


Provisional Conference Programme

(Please note that this is a working schedule and may be subject to alteration before commencement of the conference. An update will be circulated in early June and the final version will be printed in the conference booklets for collection upon arrival).

Friday 12 July 2019

11.00 onwards
Registration – at the Vanbrugh College by the cafeteria (18 C3 on the campus map) –with Coffee / Tea and Snacks nearby.

Collect room keys from the Information Centre (17 C2 campus map).
Opportunities to visit the Conference book stands including Archaeopress, Cornucopia and others (Additional Seminar Room 3 (V/044).

Exhibition of travel archives in the Borthwick Institute, University of York Library on campus (33 D2 Campus map).

ASTENE Trustees’ Committee Meeting (Seminar Room V/123).
Lunch is not included in the conference price but is available from the library cafeteria and nearby pubs (see conference booklet for more details).

Welcome from Neil Cooke ASTENE Chairman (V/045).

13.30–15.30 Session 1. Part A. GUIDEBOOKS AND TRAVEL ACCOUNTS                (Main Lecture Theatre V/045)
Chair: [Hana Navratilova?]

  1. Pauline Banas, Publishing with the ‘Modern Taste and Spirit:’ Competitiveness and Commercialism in the mid-nineteenth-century British Illustrated Travel Book on Modern Egypt.
  2. Angela Blaschek, Anton Prokesch-Osten junior (1837–1919).
  3. Jennifer Scarce, Touring the Ottoman Empire: exploring the history of guide books to Turkey.
  4. Rachel Finnegan, [Title to follow].

13.30-15.30 Session 1. Part B. INVENTIONS AND REALITIES                        (Seminar Room V/123)
Chair: Robert Morkot

  1. Nolwenn Corriou and Giacomo Savani, The Invention of Egypt in Aaron Hill’s A Full and Just Account of the Present State of the Ottoman Empire (1709).
  2. Derek Janes, Alexander Dow, Historian and Playwright: An introduction.
  3. Rebecca Bruce. Unlawful Acts and Supernatural Curses: The Fictional Traveller in Bram Stoker’s, The Jewel of Seven Stars (1903).
  4. Laila Alharthi, Travel, Governance and Archaeology in Bahaa Taher’s Sunset Oasis (2007).

Tea / Coffee and Biscuits (self-service in Vanbrugh snack bar)

16.00-17.30 Session 2. Part A. DIPLOMATIC TRAVELLERS                                    (Main Lecture Theatre V/045)
Chair: Janet Starkey

  1. Gemma Masson, Lady Mary Montagu as a flâneuse in Istanbul.
  2. Nicholas Stanley-Price, ‘The Pasha of Larnaca’: C.D. Cobham’s journey to Ottoman Cyprus.
  3. Meral Demiryürek, London of the late nineteenth century from the point of view of a Turkish Reporter: Ahmet İhsan [Tokgöz].

16.00-17.30 Session 2. Part B. PILGRIMAGE                                                     (Seminar Room V/123)                                                                                              Chair: Ines Aščerić-Todd

  1. Jacke Phillips, Pilgrimage as Travel.
  2. Mahdi Ghezelli, Wonders of Iranians’ Route for the Hajj Pilgrimage.
  3. [offers of paper welcome].

17.30-19.00 Session 3. Part A. IN THE DESERT                                                     (Main Lecture Theatre V/045)                                                                                    Chair: Zainab Alqublan

  1. Jan Ciglenečki, Sir John Gardner Wilkinson’s travels to the Eastern Desert and their relevance for the history of Egyptian monasticism.
  2. Ernst Czerny, Richard A. Bermann, the desert and the Mahdi: an Austrian writer’s fascination with Egypt and the Sudan.
  3. David Kennedy, ‘Mr and Mrs Smith of England’: a tour to Petra and east of Jordan in 1865.

17.30-19.00 Session 3. Part B. ROUND-TABLE DISCUSSION: ASTENE research projects and publications: plans and projections                                            (Seminar Room V/123)
Chairs: Neil Cooke and Jaromir Malek

Including discussion on developing the ‘Travellers in Ottoman Lands’ Project.
Assessing posters

Dinner in Vanbrugh Dining Room (self-service, cafeteria style including tea/coffee)

20.00-22.00 Session 4. GERTRUDE BELL                                                              (Main Lecture Theatre V/045)
Introduction by David Barchard

A special private showing of the documentary film ‘Letters from Baghdad’ followed by discussion

Saturday 13 July 2019

Breakfast in Vanbrugh Dining Room (self-service)

Registration for new arrivals – at the ASTENE registration desk in Vanbrugh College by the cafeteria

09.00-10.30 Session 5. Part A. EARLY TRAVELLERS                                            (Main Lecture Theatre V/045)
Chair: Jacke Phillips

  1. Harry Munt, Muslim travellers in ninth- and tenth-century Byzantium.
  2. Paul Starkey, Ibn Fadlan in northern Europe [Title to follow].
  3. Janet Starkey, ‘The Old Man of the Mountains’: allegorical journeys and invented travels?.

09.00–10.30 Session 5. Part B. [offers of papers welcome]
Chair: [TBA]

  1. [offers of papers welcome]
  2. [offers of papers welcome]
  3. [offers of papers welcome]

Coffee / Tea and Biscuits (Self Service in Vanbrugh Snack bar)

11.00-12.30 Session 6. Part A. ASTENE INTERESTS CELEBRATED. A Special Session in honour of Professor Malcolm Wagstaff                                                (Main Lecture Theatre V/045)
Chair: [Jaromir Malek?]

  1. GUEST SPEAKER. David Barchard, [title to follow].
  2. Ali Mohammad Tarafdari, European travel accounts on archaeology of Persepolis: from Carsten Niebuhr to George Curzon.
  3. Aidan Dodson, The rediscovery of the Amarna Pharaohs.

11.00-12.30 Session 6. Part B. OTTOMAN EMPIRE                                          (Seminar Room V/123)
Chair: Janet Starkey

  1. Mehmet Demiryürek, In search of the Cyprus Sugar Cane: Sükkerhanehâ-i Kıbrıs According to the Travel Accounts (1570-1640).
  2. Cristina Erck, Dimitrie Cantemir. ‘The Orpheuses of the Turkish Empire’ (1673 – 1723).
  3. Ines Aščerić-Todd, Craftsmen, Sufi-guild networks and mobility in the Ottoman Empire.

12.30-13.30 Lunch in Vanbrugh Dining Room (self-service)

13.30-14.30 Session 7. Part A. ROUND-TABLE DISCUSSION: ORIENTALISM AT 41 (Main Lecture Theatre V/045)
Chair: Madeline Boden

Ten-minute position statements from Professor Jason Edwards and Katrina-Eve Manica, followed by 30 minutes of discussion.

13.30–14.30 Session 7. Part B. ROUND-TABLE DISCUSSION. Archives: Access and Accessibility                                                                                                      (Seminar Room V/123).
Chair: Rosalind Janssen

A Discussion surrounding Egyptological archives.

14.30-15.30 Session 8. ARTIST-TRAVELLERS Part 1                                              (Main Lecture Theatre V/045)
Chair: Caroline Williams

  1. Briony Lewellyn, [title to follow].
  2. Madeline Boden, Travelling East via Burlington House: British Orientalist Painting at the Royal Academy.

15.30-16.00 Tea / Coffee and Biscuits (Self Service in Vanbrugh Snack bar)

16.00-18.00 Session 8. ARTIST-TRAVELLERS Part 2                                            (Main Lecture Theatre V/045)
Chair: Caroline Williams

  1. Charles Newton, Love Encoded: How a famous traveller’s tale was misunderstood – Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and the so-called Turkish Language of Flowers.
  2. Catherine Wynne, Elizabeth Butler’s Views of Egypt; Travel, Art and Military Orientalism.
  3. Sabina Kaštelančić, ”Travelling Artists”. Ivan Meštrović, Correspondence to Ruža Meštrović from Egypt, Palestina, Syria and Greece in 1927: The Artist’s Fascination with Egypt and the Near East reflected in his picture postcards to Ruža Meštrović.

17.30- British Orientalism: The Way Forward

Briony Llewellyn will talk about a proposed book with the American University in Cairo Press about J Frederick Lewis to be sponsored by ASTENE.

Madeline Boden will also publicise an associated conference, Eastern Questions: New Perspectives on British Orientalism, 17-18 October 2019 plus information about an exhibition at the Watts Gallery]

Time to network!

Conference Dinner (drinks can be ordered in advance) Vanbrugh Dining Room

20.00- ASTENE’s Book Launch                                                                               (Main Lecture Theatre V/045) A celebration of publications since the last conference held in Norwich in 2017, and descriptions of possible future ASTENE events and publications.
Chair: Neil Cooke

Presentations will include Neil Cooke on the latest ASTENE publication, Journeys erased by time: The rediscovered footprints of travellers in Egypt and the Near East (Oxford: Archaeopress, 2019), and present copies of the book to any authors who are present at the conference.

Dionisius Agius on The Life of the Red Sea Dhow (IB Tauris, 2019).

Rachel Finnegan on English Explorers in the East (1738-1745) (Brill, August 2019).

Ines Aščerić-Todd on ASTENE’s Travellers in Ottoman Lands: The Botanical Legacy (Archaeopress, 2018).

Paul Starkey on a conference about Robert Hay and his friends at Duns Castle, the home of the Hay family in September 2020.

Sunday 14 July 2019

Breakfast in Vanbrugh Dining Room (self-service)

Registration for new arrivals – at the ASTENE registration desk, Vanbrugh College by the cafeteria

09.00-11.00 Session 9. Part A. NINETEENTH-CENTURY TRAVELLERS              (Main Lecture Theatre V/045)
Chair: [Dionisius Agius?]

  1. Kamal Razavi, Volney’s Journal of Travel and Its Impact on Napoleon Bonaparte’s Campaign to Egypt.
  2. Andrew Oliver, Les invités du Khédive.
  3. Mladen Tomorad, William Wing Loring, George Brinton McClellan and Ulysses S. Grant: American civil war generals in Egypt during 1860s and 1870s.
  4. Zainab Alqublan, Outside Said’s Mainstream: The Pictorial and Poetic Nineteenth-Century East.

09.00-11.00 Session 9. Part B. ALONG THE NILE                                            (Seminar Room V/123)
Chair: Morris Bierbrier

  1. Sylvie Weens, A Luxor Room with a View at Pagnon’s.
  2. Peter Der Manuelian & Marleen De MeyerOn the Nile in 1930 with Jean Capart and the Goldman family (with archival video footage).
  3. Rosalind Janssen, Hollywood meets Madame Valentino in the Valley of the Kings: More Thoughts.

Tea / Coffee and Biscuits (Self Service in Vanbrugh Snack Bar).

Last chance to view the book exhibitions and make your book purchases!

11.10-12.10 Session 10. ASTENE Annual General Meeting                                      (V/045 Main Lecture Theatre)
Chair: Neil Cooke

Coach from Vanbrugh College car park to the National Railway Museum, York

Lunch at the Railway Museum (included in the conference price)

14.00-15.00 Session 11. RAILWAYS IN THE MIDDLE EAST                                    (Star Theatre, Railway Museum, York)
Chair: Aidan Dodson

GUEST SPEAKER. Walter Rothschild, Along the Lebanese Coast: The Haifa – Beirut – Tripoli Railway.

Tea / Coffee and Biscuits

Fatma Mohamed Amin, Railways in nineteenth-century Egypt. A Documental Study for the Establishment of the Egyptian Railway in the Nineteenth Century (30 mins).

16.00-17.40 Session 12. RAILWAY IMAGINARY                                                      (Star Theatre, Railway Museum, York)
Chair: Paul Starkey
[offers of paper welcome] (and possibly video footage too).

Short comfort break

16.40-17.40 GUEST SPEAKER. Andrew Martin, The Baghdad Railway Club.

17.40-18.00 Opportunity to visit the museum and possibly video footage too.

18.00-18.30 Stroll to the Kapadokya50 Turkish Restaurant, 27 George Hudson Street, York

18.30-20.00 Dinner at the Kapadokya50 Turkish Restaurant: Cash Bar.

20.00-20.30 Conference summing up from Jaromir Malek, ASTENE President (at Kapadokya50)

20.30-21.00 Coach to Vanbrugh College from Kapadokya50.

Monday 15 July 2019


Vacate rooms and assemble in the Car Park before getting on the Coach to Sledmere House

9.30 prompt
Coach leaves Vanbrugh College for Sledmere House

Arrival at Sledmere House

Tour of the House including the world-famous Turkish Room

Coffee / Tea and Biscuits

Christopher Sykes will talk about his ancestor Sir Mark Sykes and about his book on the subject. Opportunities to purchase signed copies are likely.

Leave Sledmere House by coach.

Arrive at Castle Howard **

13.00-14.00 Lunch in the Fitzroy Restaurant (not included in the cost) where there will be a special area of seating arranged for ASTENE members. Lunch can also be purchased in the Courtyard Café in Castle Howard.

Free flow entrance to the House and gardens after lunch. **

15.00-16.00 Tea & coffee followed by a lecture from Dr Christopher Ridgway on the Grand Tour in the TCC room followed by a Q&A session.

Coach leaves Castle Howard.

Coach arrives at York Railway Station.

18.30 approx.
Coach arrives at Vanbrugh College – (Members are to make their own Dinner arrangements).


** For accessibility information in Castle Howard see: https://www.castlehoward.co.uk/visit-us/visitor-information/accessibility

Note: Extra sessions can be added to run parallel to all sessions coloured blue and other sessions rejigged accordingly. Deadline for abstracts is 15 May. Next version of the programme will be available from 1 June.

For further information about the conference, the venue, accommodation etc., see: 2019 ASTENE York Conference Additional Info.



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