2019 Biennial Conference

Thirteenth Biennial ASTENE Conference

University of York & National Railway Museum, York

12th-15th July 2019

The forthcoming ASTENE international biennial conference will be held at the University of York and the National Railway Museum in York, from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th July 2019, with a day trip on Monday 15th July 2019.
Mary Wortley Montague

Preliminary Call for Papers

Contributions of papers to the ASTENE Conference are welcome from a wide range of disciplines and interests connected with travel to and from the Near and Middle East. It is envisaged the conference will cover many themes – including, but not limited to:

  • Lady Mary Worley Montagu, an original thinker, traveller & writer, lived near York
  • Travel in classical times and during the Byzantine Empire
  • Exploring archaeology through travel accounts
  • Travellers from India and the Far East to the Middle East and Egypt
  • Pilgrimage and pilgrims as travellers
  • Ottoman Empire travels and travellers, explorers and visitors
  • The impact of travel writings on Egyptology
  • Travelling artists
  • Fictional travellers
  • Different approaches to reading and interpreting travelogues … and more.

The Conference will include a visit to the York Railway Museum so we particularly welcome talks on railways and travel by rail in the Middle East and Egypt.

 Deadline for abstract submission is 28th February 2019

Please submit abstracts and any enquiries about the forthcoming conference to Janet Starkey and the team at: 2019yorkastene@gmail.com.

For further information, please see our attached flyer: 2019_ASTENE_York_Call for Papers

For information on applying for a bursary (covering the cost of the conference and accommodation), please click here.



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