Related Organisations

Related Organisations



  Subject Category
Bell Photographic Archive, Newcastle University   Gertrude Bell papers
Brunei Gallery, SOAS   Exhibitions
Linant Pasha   Linant
John Murray Archive, Edinburgh University   Travel
National Archives    National depository
Orientalist Photography   Photography collections
P&O Archive   Travel
Thomas Cook Archive, Peterborough   Travel

Book Sales

  Subject Category
Abe Books   Books of interest
Add All   Books of interest
Book Finder   Books of interest
Book Search at Hay   Books of interest
Book World   Books of interest
Clique    Books of interest

Auction House

Subject Category
Bloomsbury    Antiquarian books
Dominic Winter Book Auctions    Antiquarian books

Conservation Society

  Subject Category
World Monuments Fund    Ancient Monuments

Cultural Exchange Society

  Subject Category
Anglo-Jordanian Society   Jordan
British Egyptian Society   Egypt
British Iraqi Friendship Society   Iraq
British Syrian Society   Syria
Egyptian Cultural Centre   Egypt
Saudi British Society   Saudi Arabia
The British Lebanese Association    Lebanon
The Arab British Centre   Arab world
The Levantine Foundation   Levant


  Subject Category
Brunei Gallery, SOAS   Exhibitions

Historical Periodicals on-line

  Subject Category
The Gentleman’s Magazine   Travel

Learned Society

  Subject Category
Ancient Egypt and Middle East Society   Middle East
British Academy   Near and Middle East
British Institute for the Study of Iraq   Iraq
British Foundation for the Study of Arabia   Arabia
British School in Ankara   Classical Archaeology
British School in Athens   Classical Archaeology
Council for British Research in the Levant   Levant
Egypt Exploration Society   Archaeology
Egyptology North   Egyptology
International Society for Travel Writing   Travel
Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies    Hellenic Studies
Palestine Exploration Fund   Cartography
Royal Geographical Society   Exploration
The Society for Libyan Studies   Libya
Turkey Institute, The Hague   Turkish Studies


  Subject Category
Bibliotheque Nationale   National depository
Bodleian Library   National depository
British Library   National depository
Wilkinson’s Papers  John Gardner Wilkinson


  Subject Category
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford   Egyptian/Minoan archaeology
British Museum   Classical and Egyptian Archaeology
Brooklyn Museum of Art    Photography collections
Cambridge Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology   Archaeology
Imperial War Museum   Conflict archve
Leighton House   Oriental decor
National Museums of Scotland   General Collections
Petrie Museum   Egyptian archaeology
Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford   Thesiger, Captain Cook
Rotterdam Wereld Museum    


Subject Category
Al-Ahram on-line   Egyptian affairs
Aramco World   Middle East
Cornucopia    Turkey


  Subject Category
Book Fairs    Antiquarian books
Classic Travel Books   Travel
Danny Yee’s Book Reviews   Books of interest
Darf Publishers   Middle East & North Africa
Eland   Books of interest
Encyclopaedia of Travel Literature    Books of interest
Oxbow Books   Books of interest
Snapshot Traveller Newsletter   Travel

University Organisation

  Subject Category
British Society for Middle Eastern Studies Middle East
Centre for Hellenic Studies, Kings College London Hellenic Studies
Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, Cambridge University Middle East
Griffith Institute,Oxford Egyptology
Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Exeter University Islam and Arabia
Middle East Studies Association, Arizona Middle East
Oriental Institute, Oxford  Orientalism
Oxford University Department of Continuing Education Study days
School of Oriental and African Studies, London Oriental Studies


Subject Category
Amelia Edwards Amelia Edwards
AWOL The Ancient World On-line  Periodicals links
Egyptology in Manchester Egyptology
Irish Egyptology Egyptology/Travel
KMT and Egyptology  Egyptology
Nigel Strudwick/Egyptology Selected paintings Selected paintings
Orientalist Art of the Nineteenth Century Egyptology
Personal information Egyptology
Scottish Egyptology  Egyptology
Sussex Egyptology Society Egyptology
The Egypt Centre Swansea  Egyptology

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